Beginning in 2008, the Santa Clarita Water Division and Civiltec embarked on a tank siting study to identify four potential locations for a new 3.75 million gallon water storage tank. The tank was conceptualized to alleviate a storage deficiency in the critical Catala Pressure Zone.

Once a suitable location was identified and approved, Civiltec commenced the process of planning, designing and supporting construction of the tank and its associated 24-inch transmission pipeline.

As part of the process, Civitlec issued a waiver request to California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to keep freeboard at 2-feet. Motivation for the request was proof that the tank could be strengthened to meet both AWWA D-100 and CalARP standards. Civiltec engineers have been working on updated tank designs that reduce construction materials, improve water quality, maximize system capacity, and reduce corrosion, all while satisfying the established CalARP requirements for water tank integrity.

SCWD tankWith approval from CDPH, Civiltec was able to move ahead with these new specifications to deliver a state-of-the-art water storage tank for Santa Clarita Water Division. (For more about this innovative new work happening at Civiltec, check out this article on, written by our very own Anthony Herda.)

This project is now live on our project portfolio page.