Magnolia Avenue Water Main Interconnection

City of Buena Park

This will mark Civiltec’s first project with the City of Buena Park. Our team is adept in tackling diverse water systems with reliance to Buena Park’s overall goals, having served the nearby City of Fullerton multiple times providing streamlined multi-agency coordination to fit Buena Park’s budget-conscious goals to serve its community. Our team recently held the kick-off meeting marking the building blocks of design for this new client relationship.

Buena Park provides potable water through approximately 20,000 service connections through roughly 220 miles of buried pipeline. The service area includes the entire city, excluding three small areas served by neighboring agencies. This water main interconnect will be constructed with Fullerton near the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Orangethorpe Avenue. It will also include the construction of a uni-directional pressure-reducing station and any necessary pipe improvements in the area. 

The need for a new emergency interconnect with Fullerton was identified in the 2019 Water Master Plan. The interconnect will provide additional supply in an event of an emergency when Buena Park’s system can no longer provide enough fire flow to meet demands. Additionally, the interconnect can meet domestic demands and provide redundancy if the single 8-inch line on Auto Center Drive and Orangethorpe Avenue, which supplies the nearby tract, were to be compromised. Per the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2023 Adopted Budget, $500,000 was allocated for the construction of interconnects with neighboring water agencies and cities. $250,000 was allocated for FY 2021-2022 and $250,000 for FY 2022-2023. 

The interconnect is proposed to be installed in an agreed location somewhere on Magnolia Avenue between just north of Orangethorpe Avenue to just north of Academy Drive. A complete plan, specification, and cost estimate package will be prepared for bidding and construction. Design and engineering services will include project management, utility research and notification, topographic survey, agency coordination as well as bidding and construction support services. David Song, PE  will serve as Buena Park’s primary contact. He is excited to work on this project as it borders both Buena Park and Fullerton, requiring coordination with both entities. We look forward to serving these communities with sustainable water and power.