Antelope Park WellThe Antelope Park Well Equipping project included the design of a 500 gpm pump, site controls, building, plumbing, site development, connection to the Town’s existing 10” water transmission main and electrical controls. The well began construction in May 2019 and was completed in December 2019. Civiltec provided a full set of construction and electrical plans and specifications for the Well Equipping Project. Civiltec also acquired the necessary approval through ADEQ for the Approval to Construct and upon completing the Record Drawings the Approval to Operate. 

In addition to the well equipping project, Civiltec also provided an additional set of off-site construction plans in coordination with APS (local power company) for approximately 900 lineal feet of 2-4” electrical conduits to get power to the site. Civiltec contributed part time construction management for the project as well as observation of all testing required by ADEQ.

Civiltec’s team was led by Richard Aldridge, Project Engineer and Manager, Sky Younger (Project Engineer for Electrical Controls and SCADA), Raymond Buettner (Senior Designer), Ben Tillman, RLS and Ken Davidson, RLS (Site Survey and Record Boundary), David Song, Principal, P.E. (Quality Control).