2016 Day at the Races

David Byrum, Rick Shroads, Shem Hawes and Brian Sandona (click to view full size)

Our 2016 Day at the Races event was our largest ever. Nearly 300 people–employees, clients and their families–gathered at Santa Anita Park under clear, blue skies to help us celebrate 30 years of operation. Stay tuned for more photos from the event.

“This was a huge turnout–we even spilled out of the main pavilion into the grass area. I didn’t bet on a single horse all day because it was non-stop busy (in a good way),” said Civiltec President David Byrum. “It was great to see so many people sporting Civiltec polo shirts with our 30th anniversary logo, and that so many clients and their families took time to come support Civiltec and engage with us.”

Between the 3rd and 4th races, Byrum spoke to the group to honor Civiltec’s employees, especially Founder Rick Shroads. Shroads was presented with the official memento for 30 years of service at Civiltec: an engraved mantle clock. “I couldn’t believe our luck that we actually found a clock mounted on a surveying tripod–how perfect is that?!” said Byrum. “As the Founder, Rick is always the first to hit Civiltec’s ‘years of service’ milestones. Now we’re going to have to rewrite our company handbook to outline what he gets for 35 and 40 years of service.”

Shroads and some of the original Civiltec business partners also addressed the 2016 Day at the Races group, sharing memories of how the company started and the various challenges they faced in the beginning years. (Click here for memories and reflections from longtime employees, including Civiltec Founder Rick Shroads)

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