West Covina Sports Complex 

The West Covina Unified School District Sports Complex was unveiled in September 2020 and was an exciting project for the Civiltec team to be a part of. Due to COVID-19 and school closures, the public was not able to fully utilize the facility until this year! The newly opened public Sports Complex includes a new 50-meter by 25-yard Olympic swimming pool that is designed to handle water polo and swim programs for both Edgewood High School and West Covina High School. In addition to the amazing state of the art swimming pool, the site includes four locker rooms, two digital scoreboards capable of video playback, a high-quality sound system, and updated basketball courts. This sanctioned-sized swimming pool also features a movable bulkhead that allows multiple activities and competitions to occur simultaneously, integration of sustainable technology in the form of a thermal-solar pool heater that reduced pool heating costs, and bleachers to accommodate 350 people.The moveable blockhead acts to change the sizing of the pool a rare technology in the United States. 

Specifically, our team provided surveying and civil engineering services for Edgewood High School and West Covina High School’s new state of art Sports Complex. Our K-12 expert project manager, Octavio Solorza, provided civil engineering for the complete demolition of the previous site and reconstruction of the new site. Utilizing the topographic survey and PBK’s architectural site plan our team created the site plans to perform precise grading and drainage. Our scope also included providing services lateral to within 5 feet of building lines and design of mainline storm drain to the connections. On-site utility scope includes providing service laterals for sanitary sewer, domestic water, fire water, and a proposed irrigation system. As well as preparing hydrology and hydraulic study to complete a drainage study of the site. Our team then completed all necessary documentation for a cost estimate, final drawings, and specifications for bidding packages. During construction, we performed construction administration duties and as-builts. 

Another exciting feature taken into consideration was the facility’s strategic location on campus. The complex is necessary to be in proximity to both high schools for swim usage but also be able to serve dual use for track and field events as well as community tennis programs.

Want to know more about this project? Read more at PBK’s website here, the city’s description, or this article about the ribbon cutting.  We’re so happy we could be of service to help bring the community together at this beautiful complex.