Well No. 8 Ion Exchange Treatment Plant

R.C. Foster Corporation 

Civiltec was assigned to work under subcontract to the prime R.C Foster Corporation of the Design-Build for California Domestic Water Company (CDWC) Well No. 8 Ion Exchange (IX) Treatment Plant. R.C. Foster will carry out the integration and construction of the new systems. It was upon completion of utility and data research along with a hydraulic assessment of the site, Civiltec was directly responsible for the design and permitting. The project designed plans to integrate an IX treatment system for the removal of perfluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) contaminants. The basic premise is that the three IX vessel pairs will be installed in lead-lag configuration, mitigating any breakthrough concentrations of PFAS constituents above the reporting level. The treatment utilizes beaded resin media with high selectivity for PFAS and requires no regenerate chemicals or brine solutions. The new IX treatment system goal is to increase frictional head losses to the well discharge piping, resulting in a likely reduction in the production capacity of Well No. 8. Civiltec completed a hydraulic impacts evaluation to estimate the capacity reduction under the new specifications, including the replacement of the existing sand separator, the addition of a new cartridge filter system, and the addition of six new steel pressure vessels containing the treatment resin. 

Our team performed a hydraulic assessment of the system’s flow capacity. The evaluations estimated the well’s flow capacity with the IX treatment system. In order to understand this project is for the design of a treatment plant at CDWC Well No. 8. We understand that the ultimate goal for this project is to successfully integrate Ion Exchange treatment for the removal of PFAS compounds in order for it to be treated below the reporting level (RL) on a sustained basis. The installation of three IX vessel pairs in lead-lag configuration will allow for the treatment of the constituents of interest to mitigate against any breakthrough concentrations above the RL. Civiltec will perform all services directly from our Monrovia office.