Our teams in Arizona have been winning contract after contract in 2016! See below for some highlights of work we are completing throughout Arizona.

Arizona State University

Overhead map of the area (Click to view full size)

Arizona State University Macrotechnology Works Retention Pond

The outlet pipe for the riprap-lined drainage collection area south of Arizona State University’s Macrotechnoloy Works building and driveway has a downstream invert elevation that is below the existing ground elevation of the retention pond in Tempe, Arizona. This area drains poorly due to fine material clogging the soil at the surface.

Civiltec was selected to provide civil engineering and surveying to regrade the retention area to eliminate the low spot at the pipe outlet and spread water out into the retention area to improve infiltration. The site is approximately 5.5 acres. Scope of services included a City of Tempe Grading Permit, Maricopa County Dust Permit, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), geotechnical infiltration testing in the retention area, topographic surveying, base map preparation, and grading and drainage plan.

Project Dates: 4/1/2016 – 6/30/2016

Key Team Members: Chris Dusza, Project Manager; Allwyn Consultants, Geotechnical Engineering


Old Home Manor Infrastructure Design in the Town of Chino Valley, AZ

The Town of Chino Valley was awarded a $1.6 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to expand infrastructure on the east side of Town in the vicinity of Rodeo Drive and Jerome Junction. New infrastructure will allow service to the Old Home Manor Industrial Park, which will be a cornerstone for economic development in the Town.

Civiltec was selected to design and/or execute:

  • Roadway improvements to Road 4 North from Arizona Trail to Jerome Junction (approximately 2,400 linear feet) and to Jerome Junction from Road 4 North to Rodeo Drive (approximately 2,500 linear feet)
  • 100-year concrete box culverts and Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR)/Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Santa Cruz Wash on Road 4 North between Arizona trail and Peavine Trail
  • Sewer main improvements for a new 12-inch line in the vicinity of Gavin Court and Rodeo Drive
  • Water main improvements for a new 12-inch line from the end of the existing 12-inch line at Perkinsville Road long the Peavine Trail to Jerome Junction (approximately 2,900 linear feet)
  • New 12-inch line along Jerome Junction from the Peavine Tail to Rodeo Drive (approximately 1,700 linear feet)

The scope of this project includes surveying, base map preparation, utility research/coordination, right of way easements for Gavin Court, technical memorandums for water and sewer approvals from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), ADEQ approval to construct permits, geotechnical coordination through a subconsultant, 60, 90 and final plan, specifications, and cost estimate (PS&E) submittals, post design, bidding assistance, construction field services. Project will also require progress report submittals during design and bidding and construction phase services per federal requirements.

Project Dates: 4/1/2016 – 10/31/2016

Key Team Members: Rick Shroads, Project Manager; Chris Dusza, Project Principal, Andy Shroads, Drainage Engineer; Jeff Fanning, Water Engineer; David Prinzhorn, Sewer Engineer; Ray Buettner, Utility Coordination; Doug Terrill, Designer; Ken Davidson, Surveyor; Ben Tilman, Surveyor; Engineering & Testing Consultants, Geotechnical Engineering


Prescott Lakes Street Condition Assessment and Pavement Management Report

Civiltec is providing a comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and recommendations for the continued maintenance of the streets within the Prescott Lakes Communities. This report will include the following communities of the Prescott Lakes Subdivision: Brookside, Cottages, Creekside, The Estates East, The Estates West, Parkside, Willow Park, Solstice Ridge, The Retreat, and Astoria.

Scope of services includes the review of the original report, dated April 2011 to assist in establishing a benchmark for road conditions and preparation of a new comprehensive assessment report that will include a brief section noting maintenance activities that were undertaken since the last report, more detailed recommendations for maintenance activities, frequency of the maintenance activities, and costs associated with the maintenance recommendations.

Civiltec will walk each community’s streets to photograph/document distresses and the general condition of the asphalt. Additionally, concrete curb and gutter or valley gutter that is failing or has failed will be noted, since this can have adverse effects on the street condition. The photos and comments will be documented on a form to be included in the appendix of the report noting the location by street and address for easy reference. This assessment will aid Civiltec in rating the condition of the streets and recommend appropriate maintenance treatments.

Project Dates: 1/18/2016 – 3/31/2016

Key Team Members: Jeff Fanning, Project Manager; Chris Dusza, Project Principal; Rick Shroads, QA/QC Manager; Raymond Buettner, Designer