In August 2021, the Town of Chino Valley (Town) unanimously approved Civiltec as the lead consultant for their Municipal Waterline Improvements Project. Design has been completed for a looped water supply line in the Old Home Manor area of the Town, which currently has a 12-inch single water supply line. The new line will be an 18-inch diameter and will provide a second potable water supply to the area to accommodate current and future water demands. 

The project scope encompasses a design for 4,600 linear feet of 18-inch waterline that runs within the Peavine Trail (old railroad bed), as well as work to connect to the existing 12-inch waterlines on Perkinsville Road (north connection point) and Road 2 North (south connection point). Roadway access to several private properties lie within the public Peavine Trail alignment. 

This project provides a few physical challenges, which Civiltec is committed to creatively solve. The team has previous experience with this site, providing water and sewer system modeling of the Town’s infrastructure in the Old Home Manor Industrial Park area adjacent to the new waterline.  Civiltec’s Water and Sewer Design Memorandums prepared in 2016, proposed the need for the 18-inch waterline that is being designed and incorporated into the system. Our experience in the area provides the team with in-depth knowledge of collaborating with the Town and trail users to mitigate the effects of pedestrian trail use/access and traffic control that will be necessary to construct the improvements.   The team will develop waterline alignments and specifications to keep the trail heads open to the greatest extent possible during construction to minimize the impacts of completing these improvements within the community. 

Richard Aldridge, PE, MBA, will serve as project manager. The professional services for the project started in August of 2021 with construction scheduled to begin in February of 2022 and end in November 2022.