Survey Equipment at Civiltec Engineering 

Trimble SX12

Civiltec recently purchased a new Trimble SX12 high accuracy total station. This innovative total station combines the tried-and-true features of a one second total station with full scanning and imaging capabilities. With one setup, our crews will now be able to take individual measurements, high speed laser scanning of small or large areas, and full-color high resolution imaging. All of this can be combined to create hyper-accurate, true-to-life 3D modeling of objects of all sizes.  All setup is the same as the S-series, except that, with no physical scope, you see everything the station sees on the large TSC7 collector screen rather than through the scope. The TSC7 collector is essentially a field-ruggedized Windows 10 computer in handheld form, with a bright screen for outdoors use and Trimble Access software for interfacing with the station. The SX12 is a robotic total station, meaning the operator is not required to stand behind the instrument and is free to go wherever needed, all the while controlling the station remotely.

Together, the SX12 and TSC7 are currently being used on our waterline replacement project of over 24,000 feet of water lines of various sizes in the City of Bellflower, California. The control network was established using GPS/VRS on four separate systems over an area running 16,000 feet north to south, and encompassing approximately 891 acres of the community in both residential and commercial areas. The SX-12 system is being used to locate interior street controls, observable water valves, sewer and storm drain manholes,  and to locate markings set by the local utility providers to assist in preparing the utility base mapping for the project. The system has proven to be very productive in the field, while providing excellent traverse closures as well.  We have not used the scanning capabilities on the Bellflower project, but we did have an opportunity to scan some sites and hillside areas at our JPL project in the City of Pasadena with  detailed results. The scanning element of the device will prove itself even more useful when used on a site with intricate piping assemblies or pipelines of various sizes running from reservoirs to various filter vessels. Our teams encounter this often and the SX-12 should make this type of  time-consuming task a breeze.