Christy Sipos, CPSM

Marketing Manager – Phoenix

What are you currently working on for Civiltec?

The list is long and changes daily, but the things that excite me the most have been implementing a Client Resource Management (CRM) system and working on technical reports. Reducing our spreadsheets into one easily accessible system is exciting to me. I geek out a little when I can quickly gather and analyze data. 

I’m also trying to hire a new marketing person for California in the middle of our busy proposal season. 

What are you excited about for Civiltec in 2021?

We are growing, which presents a lot of new opportunities for me personally and our current & future team members.

What have been some highlights of working at Civiltec over the last five years?

I really enjoy working for a firm of this size because I’m not limited to doing the same job every day. My superpower is organizing things; Civiltec has given me the opportunity to constantly grow and take on new projects, some that were definitely outside my comfort zone. I’ve developed templates, assisted in training team members, organized our marketing material, developed marketing plans and individual business development plans, and elevated our proposals. 

How has the company grown or changed since you first started? What about your personal growth – have your career goals evolved over the last five years with Civiltec?

I started as the marketing manager for Arizona. Within the first six months, I jumped in and started working for both California and Arizona. Besides growing and adding additional services, Civiltec functions as one company. While there are still some geographic differences, it is awesome to see how we communicate, share resources and come together for company events. I love that, no matter which office I’m working at, I always feel like I fit in.

What’s an activity you’ve been enjoying lately during your free time (e.g. a hobby, game, recipe, or TV show)?

Free time, what’s that?! I love podcasts and all the free training/personal development opportunities that have been available. I’ve definitely been taking advantage of them. I’m excited to get back in the gym so I can swim and cycle. My husband is training for Iron Man, so our schedule revolves around his training schedule. Hopefully, we will be in St. George in May 2021!