Staff Spotlight: Shari Mateus 5 Years with Civiltec


Congratulations on hitting the five-year mark here at Civiltec! Did you know that five years is a wood anniversary we hope you feel your solid impact to our team!

You’ve been in Monrovia a long time, did you know about Civiltec or previously saw our building before joining us?  

I have lived in Monrovia for about 25 years and, I did not know about Civiltec before coming here for an interview. 

You mentioned your interest in the company’s history previous what drew you to Civiltec?

I was looking for a small company close to home. I no longer wanted a long commute to work and I ended up hitting the jackpot with Civiltec, and it’s .5 miles from my house. 

Would you describe yourself as a planner and what are some strategies for staying organized?  

Yes, I would say I am a planner. 

Shari’s Corner for those who don’t know or couldn’t guess is Shari’s doing for certain Civiltec holidays. Any strategy in creating jaw-dropping displays? Have you always been creative and what’s next on the display schedule? 

I don’t really have any strategy in creating my displays, the ideas just come to me.  I’ve always enjoyed decorating and my next big display probably won’t happen until October.

What do you enjoy about your day-to-day work? 

Helping people in an interesting role. 

Where is the best place to travel if you had a week of vacation time? 

This is a tough one, but the South of France is on my shortlist. I have some good friends that I really need to see before too much longer.

If you could live anywhere in the world where and why? 

I would love to live in Portugal. It’s a gorgeous country, full of wonderful people and great food.

When hiking what is the most important tip that newbies should know? 

Good shoes or boots are key and never hike alone. 

What hikes near Monrovia would you recommend? 

Monrovia Canyon is a great local hike. 

How does one find a hiking group? 

We found our hiking group online.

Do you have another hobby/skill that others would be surprised to know about?  

I enjoy refinishing and repurposing antiques. 

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