City of San Gabriel logoThe City of San Gabriel has awarded Civiltec one sewer main evaluation and pavement rehabilitation project, with another soon to follow. The two projects are located on Del Mar Avenue and San Gabriel Boulevard, respectively; the existing sewer mains are undersized and need to be replaced with properly sized piping.

The sewer system in San Gabriel is at maximum capacity in several places. The scope of work for this project includes assisting the City in locating these areas and adding capacity to the system in the most crucial spots. Further, the firm will replace the road that is cracking and in need of major repairs.

Civiltec will be performing capacity analysis on the first existing sewer line to verify that the pipe needs to be upsized and to what extent. The City previously completed a Sewer Master Plan (SMP), which determined that the pipeline located on Del Mar Avenue was insufficient to handle the peak flows of the system at this location. The Civiltec team will review the SMP work, implement additional flow monitoring, and recommend a new pipe size based on this analysis.

Once the City approves the recommendation, the firm will then design and construct the new pipeline. This will require the team to remove the old pipe, lay down the new pipe, and then provide plans to completely design the road. Civiltec will repeat this process for the second sewer main evaluation and street reconstruction project.

Shem Hawes will serve as Principal-in-Charge for both projects, while Greg Ripperger will lead the team’s design and analysis efforts as Project Manager. They will be supported by additional Civiltec team members as the projects ramp up.

The first project was kicked off at the end of February 2017. Civiltec is planning to complete designs within the next six months and will begin working on the second project once it is officially awarded.