San Gabriel County Water DistrictIn June 2015, Civiltec Engineering, Inc. teamed up with the San Gabriel County Water District (SGCWD) again to complete design, permitting and construction management tasks to install the new Well No. 16 that will replace the existing Well No. 3. This will provide San Gabriel County Water District with an improved groundwater resource to serve fresh sustainable drinking water to its 45,000 customers.

Civiltec has worked with the District on various water system planning, engineering and construction management since 1992. From 2012 to 2014, Civiltec successfully completed design and construction management of the District’s Well No. 15 project that replaced the inactive Well No. 7.

“Civiltec has proven to be an integral part of our District team and is very instrumental in guiding us with all of our engineering needs,” said San Gabriel County Water District General Manager Barbara Carrera. “This has been demonstrated with many projects over the years, recently with Well 15 and currently with our Well 16 project.”

Well No. 3 was drilled in 1924 and has enjoyed almost a century in service life, but has been declining in production in recent years. Well No. 16, located at the District’s Van Nuys Reservoir site north of San Marino High School, is proposed to pump approximately 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm), similar to the original capacity of Well No. 3 when it was first drilled.

Civiltec will provide management and support to minimize impact to the San Marino high School’s daily operations and disturbance to neighboring properties. Civiltec will also be involved in public relations and outreach efforts with San Gabriel County Water District Management to keep the City of San Marino and their residents informed and in support of the construction efforts, which will begin in January 2016. All aspects of the project construction will be competitively bid to save the District costs by awarding the project components to only the most qualified and responsible contractors while maintaining cost efficiency.

Civiltec has teamed up with Kear Groundwater to design a well that will maximize groundwater production and protect adjacent groundwater resources. Following the completion of the well drilling, Civiltec will implement the new well equipment construction based upon engineered plans and specifications and will guide the project into final completion and operational status. The projected completion date for Well No. 16 project is mid-2016. Stay tuned to or sign up for our newsletter for additional updates on the Well 16 project.