Civiltec Engineering has completed the design phases of a water engineering project with the community of Mountain Dell in Flagstaff, Arizona. The project will now move to construction phase with a variety of improvements to their water channel, Sinclair Wash, which has continuously impacted Mountain Dell.

As a major watercourse in Mountain Dell, Sinclair Wash has been the culprit of repetitive flooding in the area. Civiltec previously worked with Mountain Dell on a flood mitigation project in which they conducted the initial engineering assessment. With that assessment, they were able to identify recommended improvements for flood mitigation.

The scope of this project includes the construction of a 1,050 linear foot (LF) rectangular concrete-lined channel, an erosion control mat-lined trapezoidal channel, a 3-sided bridge (with concrete floor), and a riprap energy dissipation in the transition between the concrete-lined channel and ECM-lined channel.

Civiltec Peoria employees Chris Dusza and Ken Davidson will lead the construction phase of the project. Construction is planned to take place throughout May and June of 2020.