Kachina Trail

Image courtesy of www.fs.usda.gov

Civiltec is working with a number of agencies on the overall design and construction of the Kachina Trail Reconstruction Project from Kachina Boulevard to Ancient Trail. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is managing the project, which includes the elimination of the median, complete reconstruction of the roadway section, and utility relocations. Kachina Village Improvement District (KVID) decided to take this opportunity to relocate sewer and water facilities within the project limits prior to the roadway reconstruction.

In addition to the sewer and water relocations, other utilities in the project area will possibly be relocated outside of the proposed pavement, such as Arizona Public Service, CenturyLink, Suddenlink, and Unisource. ADOT has agreed that Coconino County (managing agency for KVID) will manage the coordination, design, and construction of the utility relocations associated with this project. Civiltec was selected to coordinate with the other utility companies and provide design for approximately 4,000 linear feet of sewer and water main relocations (2,000 linear feet of sewer and 2,000 linear feet of water).

Earlier this year, Civiltec, KVID, and Coconino County held an alignment workshop to determine the preferred sewer and water main realignments. Following the workshop and armed with the base map and topography information, Civiltec provided a supplemental field survey. Civiltec then coordinated with the respective utilities to obtain design plans for the relocation of the utilities. Based on the design plans, Civiltec produced a Utility Relocation Coordination Plan.

In addition, Civiltec developed the 90% plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E) and provided these to KVID, Arizona Public Service, CenturyLink, Suddenlink, Unisource, and Coconino County for review. Both the 90% and 100% utility relocation plans will be coordinated with ADOT’s roadway design consultant, and the 100% PS&E will be submitted to ADEQ to obtain the Approval to Construct for the sewer and water relocations.

This project has been fast-tracked and requires extensive ongoing coordination with ADOT, ADOT’s design consultant, KVID, Arizona Public Service, CenturyLink, Suddenlink, Unisource, and County staff throughout the duration of the design project.

Civiltec will supplement the County with part-time construction observation (CO) and construction administration (CA) services during the construction of the project: a 12-week period beginning the Fall of 2016.