IEUA LogoThe Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA), responsible for serving approximately 875,000 people over 242 square miles in western San Bernardino County, has contracted Civiltec to upgrade a flow metering station within the IEUA Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Brine Line. The Brine Line delivers industrial flow from the Agency’s service area to the Los Angeles County Sanitation District.

Civiltec will be responsible for replacing an existing flow meter and installing a new, highly accurate flow meter and auto sampler to the 42-inch NRW North System Central Trunk within IEUA’s existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System. Located between Roswell Avenue and East End Avenue to maintain close proximity to the Los Angeles County border, the new flow meter will conform to contract and flow monitoring requirements from both the Agency and the District.

The flow meter is planned to handle one to twelve million gallons per day (MGD) flow and will be powered by recently upgraded fiber optic lines. Flow data will be recorded once every minute, then communicated with the Agency’s SCADA System. The team proposes placing the proposed flow monitoring and sampling system within an easily accessible and refrigerated above-grade enclosure.

For this project, C. Shem Hawes will serve as the Principal-in-Charge. Bed Dawadi will lead the team’s design and analysis as Project Manager, while Nick Brethorst will assist as Staff Engineer.

The IEUA Flow Meter Upgrade project kicked off at the end of December 2016. Civiltec will prepare and deliver a technical memorandum by mid-March of 2017.