Glendale Pipeline Management Program FY 20-21 Phase 1

W. A. Rasic Construction

Glendale Water and Power awarded Civiltec with the design-build contract for Glendale Pipeline Management Program FY 20-21 Phase 1 in 2020. Capital improvement projects serve as a way in which cities secure funding for projects deemed necessary to complete. Usually, these projects are selected through other engineering pursuits such as water master plans (check out this most recently finished water master plan for the City of Brea!) and other technical assessments of infrastructure conditions and needs. As well as taking into account the public needs, planning efforts, and staff inputs. All of these combine in order to align Glendale’s goal for a dedicated time period. Glendale wanted to focus on the existing water mains throughout the city as those within the project areas are over 96 years old. Most of the piping is 4 inches in diameter unlined cast-iron piping meaning that they do not meet the current standards set forth by the Glendale fire protection. This means that as the city has grown in this time and continues to grow water services must change and update with them. Additionally, this is Civiltec’s first time working within the City of Glendale. 

The goal of our work is to completely replace the aging and small piping with larger, ductile iron water made to upgrade the service standards in the project areas. For Phase 1, there are a total of 12 project areas including the design and construction of approximately 11,282 linear feet of 8-inch diameter Class 350 ductile iron water pipeline. The project also entailed the installation of associated isolation valves, blow-off assemblies, air release valve assemblies, fire hydrant assembly, service lines to customers, and all required fitting and appurtenances throughout 12 areas in Glendale. Streets affected by the work include Loma Vista Drive, Verdugo Road, Kirkby Road, Wilson Avenue, California Avenue, Kenilworth Avenue, Cleveland Road, Olmstead Drive, Kenneth Road, Norton Avenue, Paloma Avenue, Glencoe Way, Andenes Drive, Capistrano Avenue, Blanchard Drive, Bonite Drive, Opechee Way, El Rito Avenue, and Oak Circle Drive. 

Construction was completed in October of 2022 with the coordination of W.A Rasic Construction. Our project team was led by Principal, David Song, PE, as our project manager. “It was a pleasure working with the construction team as well as Glendale’s team including Kenvin Runzer, PE, who was Glendale’s Project Manager.” Key team members of our team included Omner Meza (design) and Chris Duncan, PLS (survey manager). We look forward to teaming with this group in the future to serve the communities around Glendale.