As part of Civiltec’s ongoing flood mitigation work with with Coconino County, our team will begin services for the Paintbrush Corridor North and South Channel Alignments starting this month.

Paintbrush floodingOn Tuesday, October 29, Supervisor Archuleta and the Schultz Flood mitigation team hosted a corridor meeting for Paintbrush South property owners at the Summit 32 Fire Station.

The meeting was held to present initial conceptual plans developed by Civiltec, regarding the southern component of a conveyance network from the forest boundary to Highway 89, and to gain input from the neighborhood at this early and important stage.

An earlier meeting was held on October 17th to discuss the north alignment. Civiltec appreciates the opportunity to work with the community on this project.

Materials from both meetings can be viewed by clicking here, or by visiting the Coconino County website.

We will continue to share updates on the project here, and on our Facebook page.