Backed by a range of core engineering services, Civiltec has successfully delivered projects for municipalities, water and wastewater districts, and state and federal agencies for nearly 33 years. Civiltec has recently expanded the firm’s overall expertise to include electrical and controls engineering, aerial surveying by drone, and additional surveying and mapping expertise in the California office.

Though the team’s original specialization was in civil, water, and wastewater engineering, Civiltec has subcontracted electrical and controls engineering for many years and has recently brought that engineering in-house. Highly efficient, reliable, state-of-the-art electrical and control systems are vital to the operations of many projects that Civiltec undertakes.

In order to improve upon successful project delivery – whether it is a new system, upgrade to an existing system, or overall evaluation of a system – Civiltec recently welcomed Principal Electrical Engineer Stephen “Sky” Younger to the firm. Sky has nearly 40 years of electrical and controls engineering experience. He specializes in solar, water/wastewater treatment systems, pumping and storage systems, and semiconductor fabrication plants.

Sky’s background in electrical and controls engineering adds a depth of experience in a wider range of projects to Civiltec’s portfolio. Similarly, Staff Surveyors Ben Tilman and Ken Davidson in the Prescott office are kick-starting Civiltec’s new aerial survey service.

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS or drones) are becoming more commonly used in the surveying field. The drones carry the specialized cameras used to provide photogrammetric data, replacing the old method of using manned aircraft. Because drones are more affordable than a manned airplane or helicopter, Civiltec will be able to forgo sub-contracting with a photogrammetric company and improve project cost efficiency.

Ben and Ken recently earned their UAS commercial-level pilot certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Since both are also Registered Land Surveyors, Civiltec will be able to ensure the survey-grade accuracy and precision of its deliverables. The two men will pilot a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, which is the current standard drone for survey-grade photogrammetry, and perform in-house photogrammetry rendering using Datumate software.

Chris Duncan, PLS, formerly of Western States Surveying, has joined the Monrovia office staff to provide field survey, mapping, and construction staking on the projects Civiltec undertakes. Chris has been an active field and office land surveyor for nearly 40 years and has experience in both California and Arizona.

Having performed all aspects of surveying and excelling at major hillside subdivision work, Chris will be the Survey Manager for all surveying services. Further, in addition to field and mapping work, he will coordinate the firm’s surveying projects to ensure top quality service at efficient costs.

Civiltec was founded on the principles of innovative thinking and premier quality. The team will continue grow its skills in order to evolve with new technology and ensure the delivery of high quality projects.