Civiltec Engineering has been selected to partner with Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) to provide above ground improvements for the Garfield Replacement Well in Villa Parke, Pasadena. Civiltec will provide professional surveying and engineering services for this project which will ultimately bring the well back online to provide water for the PWP service area and benefit all residents of the greater Pasadena area who utilize the City’s Community Center.

The original Garfield Well, abandoned in December 2020, will be replaced by a new well beginning in Fall 2021. Civiltec will deliver expedited design for all above-grade improvements. These design elements will include mechanically equipping the Garfield Replacement well with a submersible motor, replacing existing electrical equipment and service, and providing piping to connect the well to the Villa Parke Irrigation System. 

A topographic survey conducted by Civiltec’s team will characterize the features required at the project site. Civiltec will additionally perform a cross connection control survey to confirm new potable water sources for the new well site and make necessary adjustments to existing sources. A hydraulic analysis will confirm pump sizing for water delivery to the park’s irrigation system and to the Sunset reservoir. The site design around the well will feature a new basketball court for park visitors to enjoy, as well as additional security fencing for the well and corresponding electrical building. 

Shem Hawes, Principal, Senior Engineer, will serve as the Project Manager.