Sunday, March 21, 2021 marks 35 years in business for Civiltec Engineering, Inc. since the firm’s incorporation in 1986. Founded in Pasadena, California, the firm has since grown to serve hundreds of clients, expand into new regions and establish a reputation as an industry leader in the southwestern United States.

“Through all these years of expansion, adaptation, new territories and new adventures, we have maintained an office culture that places a high value on community and quality of life,” said Civiltec President W. David Byrum. “As a legacy firm with a focus on internal leadership and ownership transition, we look to our staff as the people who will forge Civiltec’s future. I take great pride in the enthusiasm, collaborative attitude and growth mindset embodied by our staff.”

In the past few years, three Civiltec team members have joined the firm’s Partnership ranks: David Song (January 2017), Andrew Shroads (July 2019) and Octavio Solorza (March 2020). Shem Hawes became branch manager of the new Fullerton, California office in December of 2020, and newer staff are expanding their skill sets, gaining new credentials and taking on greater responsibilities to meet ever-growing client demands. 

“As we celebrate Civiltec’s 35-year anniversary, I would like to thank our clients, employees, and managers for being exceptional people and placing trust in our firm during all these years,” said Civiltec founder Richard Shroads. “We have accomplished many grand achievements together, and I am excited to see future achievements unfold.”