San Antonio Water Company (SAWC) engaged Civiltec to provide plans, specifications and construction management services for a roof rehabilitation project at their Reservoir No. 7 service building. SAWC, located in Upland, California, has previously contracted with Civiltec for design and construction of over 15 projects. Civiltec also prepared their Water Master Plan and Urban Water Management Plan Updates.

Civiltec began work on the Reservoir No. 7 roofing project in 2018, providing assessments of the roof and reservoir along with structural and seismic evaluation of the area surrounding the service building. The roof repair involved removal of the existing corrugated metal roof system, beams and columns, repair of existing cracked concrete joints and the installation of a new free span dome roof.

Additional improvements to the service building included a concrete wall extension, installation of a roof support grade beam, seismic reinforcement, addition of vents and access hatches and replacement of the existing inlet/outlet reservoir altitude valve. The original concrete floor, wall panel joint sealant, SCADA antenna and water level measuring system were also removed and replaced.

Civiltec is proud to have partnered with SAWC to improve their infrastructure while they manage the critical water infrastructure that serves thousands of residents every day. Terry Kerger, PE served as lead on the project, with Charlie Devine supporting as lead designer.