The City of Chino Valley has selected and contracted Civiltec engineering to complete an Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP) and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Old Home Manor property in Arizona. Civiltec’s work with Chino Valley dates back to 2016 when they provided infrastructure and wastewater modeling to the property –  this project will build upon that work. 

Civiltec’s deep understanding of the property’s current water system will ensure adequate water resources for the development. The completion of this project is integral to the development of the Old Home Manor and thus providing jobs, commerce and industry in the community. The scope of the project includes three phases with the first involving the development of the Water Resources Master Plan. The second, third and fourth phases include integration, CIP development and outdoor landscape design. Civiltec will then deliver draft and final IWMP reports to the City. The project is scheduled to take place through 2020 with the final reports and deliverables being submitted by September 2020. 

Rick Shroads from Civiltec’s Prescott office is lead on the project as the Principal Engineer and is joined by other Civiltec employees including Andrew Shroads and Greg Ripperger who will complete work on the stormwater planning and modeling for the project.