Shem stock

New partner Shem Hawes (left) with Civiltec President David Byrum (right).

Civiltec Engineering is proud to announce that Mr. Christopher Shem Hawes, P.E., is now a partner and stock holder of the company. The agreement execution occurred at 2 pm on November 11, 2014, in the Monrovia, California office.

In addition to his new standing as a stock holder and owner of Civiltec, Mr. Hawes is the Senior Engineer in the Monrovia, California office and a company Principal. Mr. Hawes’ primary responsibilities include the daily supervision of a large design team, management of project budgets and schedules, effective utilization of Civiltec team resources in meeting project technical and schedule requirements, maintaining lines of communication between Civiltec and clients and assisting in Civiltec’s quality assurance and technical review programs. Mr. Hawes has over ten years of professional experience as the responsible engineer for water and wastewater systems analyses and improvement planning, and the design and construction of numerous water treatment system facilities for public and private water agencies throughout the western United States.

Shem joined Civiltec in 2007 and was elevated to Associate of the firm in 2009 as part of the company’s long-term Leadership and Ownership Transition Plan, which was originally enacted in 2007. Shem’s transition into an ownership role has long been planned within the framework of the organization.

Civiltec is a legacy firm with a focus on internal leadership and ownership transition. We could not be more pleased to see our careful planning come to fruition. We have been very fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated people join our team over the years. Additional Associates are already in place and future leaders of the firm are in training.