What drew you to working for Civiltec?  

I worked as an intern during college and after graduating, returned to work for Civiltec. I wanted to gain more experience and work to hone my marketing and communication skills. So, I was hired as the Marketing Assistant and now, here I am as a Marketing Coordinator a year later. What has made me continue to enjoy working for Civiltec is the flexible work schedule, the intelligent team members, and my team’s excitement for new ideas and planning on ways to implement them. It makes me feel heard and excited for the future.

How will your day-to-day responsibilities be changing with the promotion?

Prior to my promotion, I performed tasks given to me by the marketing manager, Christy Sipos. I worked on very few proposals, not typically on my own and usually just worked on the review process and/or the graphics capacity of each project. Over time before my promotion, I started leading more tasks on my own and received the promotion for my hard work. I am fully in charge of most of the graphics that are used for Civiltec, be it internally or externally. I really have put more of an emphasis on internal events, as well as communications that include branding, employee news, and implementing new forms and file organization. I am also running proposals, splitting them with Christy. In addition, I work with Tripeppi Smith to finalize our social media, newsletter, and articles, as well as communicating with clients to approve publications. Lastly, I work to update all our resources, cutsheets, resumes, and more. 

How does this change in title make you feel about your relationship with Civiltec and how has that relationship with the company changed over time?

I am happy that I received this promotion because it makes me feel like the company sees my efforts and wants to reward me for them. I feel like during my time at Civiltec, we are growing and changing in an exciting way. It is pretty cool to be a part of that change.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in this new role? Over the next year and overall?

Well, we are launching our website facelift, which I have been heavily involved with. It is so exciting to see the fruit of those efforts pay off. In the future, I would love to see our social media metrics continue to grow. I can’t wait for some of our exciting internal upcoming events, such as Superhero Day bingo in April and of course, our “whodda boss baby ice cream” lunch in July. I just love gathering with the team and having a moment to destress and have fun with my peers before we return to the grind of projects. I think it’s awesome that Civiltec does this for us. 

What have been some highlights of your experience at Civiltec thus far?

My first highlight would have to be the standardizing of our brand. I think it has made our department’s lives a whole lot easier and will be able to help our department in the future as we grow. I also led our company in the step challenge this year, which almost had the whole company competing. Overall, it was a huge success, and I can’t wait to do another. I also have won a few big proposals since going solo on certain ventures and, if you know what it is like to work on a proposal after all that stress, hearing it paid off is a great feeling.