Staff Spotlight: Sara Canche 30-Year Anniversary

Planning Technician

It’s been 30 years since Sara Canche joined the Civiltec team. We are so happy that you continue to make Civiltec your professional home.

As someone who came into engineering from a business background what was most difficult about breaking into this field? 

It was not difficult at all, actually. Back then all the engineers helped me with everything. Probably because I was the only girl in the Bull- Pen but either way I learned a lot from them.

After 30 years within the industry, what advice would you have for anyone interested in making a career in engineering? 

With my time in the industry, I would have to say the stereotypes about engineering are not accurate. Engineering is not boring and it is certainly not just for men.

You learned the technology by hand and then learned then on the computer. Which do you prefer and what pros are cons come with either?

Drafting by hand, you could say it was fun, but you can’t beat technology. The main pro would be that the work gets done faster.

What continues to make Civiltec your home/have a family feel for you?

Friendships develop when you work together for as many years as I have been here. Friendships like that tend to start feeling like family. You enjoy coming to work and care about every one of your coworkers.

You spend some of your time with the Water Resources Division at Beverly Hills. What is it like handling such a big project and what do you enjoy about it? 

It’s different work. Sometimes a little stressful dealing with customers, but I enjoy what I do. Don’t like the traffic situation going to Beverly Hills, but hey, that’s life in California 

Read more about Sara’s Beverly Hills work here. 

What has been one highlight over the past thirty years and why does it come to top of mind? (A favorite project or day?)

That would be the (30) year anniversary.

You’ve mentioned Gold’s Gym repeatedly in previous spotlights, looking it up its been open since 1965 in Venice Beach, how often do you go and what role has fitness played in your life? 

I go to Gold’s Gym in Arcadia on Tuesdays & Thursdays after leaving the City of Beverly Hills. And I go to the Gold’s Gym in Montclair on Monday & Wednesday. Working out is a great stress release and keeps you strong and alert. 

Which museum has been your favorite and why? 

Huntington Gardens & Museum. It was my Mothers favorite. I always think of her when I go there. Learn more about what The Huntington has to offer here.

What makes a good museum experience to you?

Going alone or with somebody is always a good experience to view beautiful creations made by many talented people

What continues to draw you to ballroom dancing and how long now have you been dancing now?  

Dancing is also a great stress release. I have been dancing since I was 18 years old.