Omner A. Meza


Omner Meza

Where did you attend college and what did you study?
I attended ITT Technical Institute and graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Drafting and Design in 2005.

What drew you to working for Civiltec? What do you like best about working at Civiltec?
Before finishing school, I had five interviews lined up in a week! Civiltec was the only civil company of the five; the others were mechanical positions. Civiltec was my third interview. I sat down with Octavio Solorza and a previous employee of Civiltec. They knew I was green and would be learning everything as I moved forward.

My father is a Contractor and I’ve been on job sites my whole life. After my interview, I was driving to a job site to meet up with my dad. On my way there, I was praying to land a position at Civiltec. In my mind, Civiltec was the perfect fit for me. I loved going to construction and loved reading plans growing up. When I pulled up to the site, I got a call from Civiltec with an offer! I accepted. Now I’m pushing 12+ years in the company and love every bit of it!

What are some of your favorite types of projects to work on?
When I first started at Civiltec, I was working with Octavio. My first project was the Abundant Living Family Church. It was such a huge site. I have helped with the drafting and site investigations for many schools as well. Those were some of the projects I enjoyed the most! Although, I do have to say I enjoy water very much: I have put together plans and have been out to the field to witness large sticks of pipe being installed. Brings back so many childhood memories of going out to a job site!

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
Before our two boys came into our lives, my wife and I enjoyed our time together by going to the movies or to Disneyland on a Friday night date, sitting with a cup of coffee while talking and people watching. Oh, and a whole lot of XBOX!

Now, for the past six years, I’ve been a coach for my two sons’ sports teams. I enjoy every second of it, even the sprains, bumps, and bruises! And I’m not talking about the children! Age does take a toll on the body and I still have 13 more years to go. Oh, and still a lot of XBOX!

Is there a particular hobby, interest or skill you have that other employees might not know about?
Every year, I participate in the County Fair hot dog eating competition and have always finished runner-up. Just kidding! I don’t share this about myself much, but I enjoy making people laugh. I attend comedy clubs and participate in open mic nights. Some nights, the crowd is on fire and sometimes we have a crowd of dead people! It can be embarrassing sometimes. But it’s the greatest feeling to bring laughter into a person’s life and that’s why I do it!