Staff Spotlight: Lisa Wells

Lisa joined the Civiltec team this month over seven years ago. Wow, how time flies! Now, let’s find out how it has flown for Lisa!

Seven years ago, what were you doing, and what about Civiltec appealed to you? 

When I approached Civiltec, I had been out of the workforce for some time. Prior to that, I had my own business and had been volunteering. Some friends knew I was looking to go back to work and Civiltec was the first suggestion they had. I have nothing but very good things to say about the leadership at Civiltec.

What are your job responsibilities and how have they grown over time? 

When I started in August of 2015, I answered phones and scanned old files. That was pretty much it. I’m grateful for opportunities each day to assist different people in all offices with various tasks, including helping marketing with cost proposals and my editing skills. Helping the PMs and the AZ offices run smoothly gives me satisfaction.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The culture/office environment at Civiltec is the best work environment I’ve had in 40 years of being in the workforce. Civiltec appears to have created a professional and laid-back work environment that is flexible yet maintains standards that keep us popular with clients and highly respected in the field. I enjoy the ability this position gives me to assist several people in different areas.  On any given day I might assist a client or people in accounting, marketing, engineering, recruiting, or administration. I may be helping someone in CA or AZ. 

What does a perfect day in the office look like to you?

My perfect day is a busy one. The day may involve reviewing proposals, assisting with receivables (I joke that I’m Rico’s bag man), assisting with online submittals, ordering supplies, setting up a job, assisting Chris with payables, running interference on salesmen, fixing the scanner or printer, making coffee or assisting any number of a myriad of details that takes work off someone else’s desk so they can focus on what only they can do. And oh, I still answer phones and scan old files as necessary.

Any hobbies or skills you enjoy outside of work? If yes, can you expand on them? 

I recently adopted a new puppy (Gabe has a little sister-Belgian Malinois). Dog training has become a new hobby. Training dogs to be very well behaved-beyond “sit” or “stay”, attentive, vigilant, and still fun-loving and friendly dogs takes patience, consistency, and time. I did research about Mals (nickname for Belgian Malinois), they are currently the foremost chosen dog in the world for military & law enforcement applications meaning they require strong owners, like me. 

I continue to enjoy remodeling my home (1 big room to go and a couple of small projects inside still) as well as landscaping and gardening. The climate of Paulden is challenging. My place is in an exceptionally dry pocket. Temperatures are nearly as cold as Flagstaff without the snow and almost as hot as Phoenix. Paulden is windy year-round. With all that in mind, growing anything there is an accomplishment. My trees, roses, cactus garden, and flower beds are a lot of work, challenging but rewarding. 

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