Staff Spotlight: Jorge Martinez 25th Work Anniversary

Senior Designer

A huge congratulations and thanks to you Jorge! It has been 25 years since you joined the Civiltec team! Since then you have worked on over 500+ projects, which is a lot of valuable knowledge. We would love to spotlight your time with us and hear more about it now.

Back when you attended East Los Angeles College (ELAC), what were your original professional goals? 

My goal was to originally become a mechanical engineer designer. Additionally, to gain my AS in Mechanical Engineering, Drafting Technology (Certificate). After ELAC, I attended Cal State Los Angeles Fire Protection Administration.

How have they shifted since then? 

Yes, my first job in the engineering field was as a Chainman in a survey crew, tract mapping, and subdivisions. Since then, I have been working in the civil engineering field designing projects. 

In the last spotlight (Click Here), you were on a community beautification group. Are you still a part of that group (a different one?)? What is the mission of the group? 

I was part of the neighborhood council, it was taking a lot of time, I joined the Masonic group (Panamericana 513, located @ the Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles) I became a Master Mason, I was elected to be the secretary for the group for one year. 

Congrats on your silver anniversary, what do you enjoy about the company? 

The free spirit that Mr. David Byrum and Rick Shroads give all their employees the opportunity to grow professionally in the various fields of engineering.

What does day-to-day life look like in the office? 

Plan out or multi-tasking on various projects from surveying, topo, design and drafting, and project coordination.

Do you have a favorite project? Why is this one your favorite? What are the key challenges you face with it? 

I do not have a specific project but they are, somewhat, all part of my imagination. I keep all in my outlook for future layouts and designs to come. All the projects have some challenges, too many as there are many moving parts on a single project.

What type of engineering projects do you prefer to work on and why? 

Land development, grading, architectural and structural. These fields are somewhat a bit challenging due to many restrictions and make me think a lot, making my brain to be active.

How was square dancing? 

Wow, in the beginning was challenging well it still is, new steps to learn especially when a new partner comes along who knows more than me.

What is the number one thing on your bucket list? 

Fly an airplane, which I did last year, so a scary, hot air balloon (pending). 

What do you do besides working?  

Attend church on Sundays, Bible studies on Friday nights, and I love hiking. I live at the foothill which provides an easy to do one-hour hike.