Chris Dusza, PE, CFM


Where did you attend college and what did you study?
Colorado State University. I have a Bachelor of Science in Watershed Science. I am a hydrologist by education and an engineer by experience.

You’ve been working with and on behalf of Civiltec for over 20 years! What skills have you gained during this time?
I think I have done just about every task possible from general administrative work, writing SOQs and proposals, business development, marketing, billing, banking, HR functions, drafting, design, engineering, project management, surveying, construction staking, construction observation, construction management, and even sweeping the floors when needed. I think the best part of my experience is that I have been involved in every aspect of project development from the initial project tracking to final construction close out. I have done and understand every aspect of project development, engineering, and management because I have done it all many, many times.

What are some of your favorite types of projects to work on?
I really like drainage projects. No two drainage projects are the same. Every drainage project is unique and challenging. I especially like Area Drainage Master Studies and Plans. I like the forensic aspect of figuring out why problems are occurring and then developing solutions to those problems. Seeing our solutions constructed in the field and fixing drainage and flooding problems are especially rewarding. It has a direct positive impact on people’s lives and properties and I find that very rewarding.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time? Is there a particular hobby, interest, or skill you have that other employees might not know about?
I have three kids. My oldest is starting college next year and the other two will be in high school. Between swimming and soccer, they keep my wife and I really busy. My main focus outside of work over the past several years has really been pouring into my kids. They are at the age when they are faced with a lot of challenges and decisions. I think it is very important stay connected to them and help them make good decisions. Other than that, I like to spend time outdoors fishing, boating, hiking, skiing, and playing golf.

How do you want to help Civiltec grow in the future? Is there anything you want Civiltec to achieve?
I think growth can be a double edge sword. Growth for that sake of growth doesn’t make sense to me. I have seen the company grow and contract in the past. Growth in numbers does not necessarily mean more profits or profitability. Growth has to be strategic, calculated, and purposed. I would like to help the company grow in a purposed way, employing quality people that embrace our company’s core values with a passion for what we do. I also would like to help the company continue to achieve our ownership and leadership transition. The future of the company is dependent on new leaders and owners.