Staff Spotlight: Carli Monticalvo

It’s been a little over three months since you joined the Civiltec team, and you likely have a good handle on your responsibilities and daily tasks at Civiltec. 

What did you do before joining Civiltec?

Before Civiltec, I was a lead drafter for a Southwest Gas contractor.  I was hand drawing as-builts and service lines for the Operations and Maintenance side of Southwest Gas.

What drew you to work for Civiltec? 

Gas plans are what initially introduced me to Civiltec. Also, I knew I wanted to continue working with utilities. But what drew me in the most was the work/life balance that Civiltec takes pride in. The chance to have a set schedule and have more time with my family was just the icing on the cake.

Can you describe a little bit about your day-to-day as an Engineering Technician and what that looks like? 

On a daily basis, I strive to get through a minimum of five conflict reviews and hope for no greenline notes from Doug or Yamil. With every plan I view, my focus is to ensure that the existing gas lines do not conflict with the current construction and if they do then I highlight and notify the responsible party on behalf of our client.

What do you enjoy about your work? 

I enjoy everything, cliche words but really I do. Civiltec is so homey and a really great team. From what I witness being here the last couple of months everyone builds each other up and lends a helping hand with no questions asked. 

What has been one highlight of the past three months? 

A highlight of the past couple of months has been the amount of fun we have here. I’ve been able to get to know at least the Phoenix office during team events and it makes things a lot lighter and more welcoming. 

Where can we find Carli outside of work? Any hobbies or skills you enjoy? If yes, can you expand on that a bit more? 

You can find me and the family in the RZR cruising the trails in the summertime or being adrenaline junkies in Glamis in the winter. If I am not doing that, I am running around trying to keep my 10 and 2-year-old from boredom usually with the help of Cocomelon.