Staff Spotlight: Welcome Bruce Mayhook

Electrical Project Manager

Welcome to our team! Let’s learn a little bit more about you!  

What did you do before joining Civiltec? 

Worked at Wilson Engineers as a Senior Electrical Designer, it was through Heber Torres that I heard about Civiltec Engineering and the work he was doing here. So I put my foot in the ringer. 

What made you decide to pursue engineering? 

My love for physics, and the natural world. 

How did you decide that electrical engineering is your specialty? 

My dad was an electrician and through him, you can say that, electricity came naturally to me. I continued to cultivate my understanding of electricity and applied that to engineering as I developed my career. 

What projects are you excited to start working on? 

All projects, since I enjoy a diverse level of challenges requiring various solutions to unique problems. 

Do you have any short-term goals? 

To learn from Heber and help him manage the backlog of electrical projects. This will allow him more time and freedom to develop the growth of the electrical department. 

What do you enjoy about your day-to-day work thus far? 

It allows me to be creative every day, you don’t hear that much about engineering but it’s true. 

When did you start getting interested in working on cars? What is your dream car to work on?

I have been interested in working on cars since I was 16 years old. My dream car to work on would be a 1965 AC Bristol Shelby Cobra Coupe. I am currently working on a 1965 Mustang coupe restomod. 

How do you come by the opportunity to work in the Arctic Circle as your first job? 

My oldest brother was an attorney in the state of Alaska and one of the clients he represented was a boat builder. At 19 years old I was in charge of designing all electrical systems, ordering all materials and the installation of the equipment along with start up and testing. 

When not working where would we find you? 

In the garage or the backyard.