Staff Spotlight: Branden Redfern

So it has been a little over three months since you joined the Civiltec Team and with that seniority under your belt, you likely have a good handle on your responsibilities and daily tasks at Civiltec. 

How did you come into Surveying work? What draws you to it? 

Ben Tilman offered me an intern position three years ago and I really enjoyed my time with Civiltec back then, in addition, the work during that time was very interesting to me. 

What are some exciting things you do day to day? 

One thing that is exciting about my day-to-day is when I get to do construction staking on open roads. I like it because the constant traffic flow and checking my collector make you keep your head on a swivel at all times.

What has been one of your favorite projects you have worked on to date? 

My favorite projects to date would have to be the drone flight we did on Dry Creek Road in Sedona as well as all the work I’ve done at TSMC.

How have you been enjoying working for Civiltec?

I really enjoy the fact that every day is different at Civiltec. One day I could be doing a topographic survey the next I could be searching for monuments and property corners. This part of the job really keeps things interesting on a day-to-day basis.

When not on the job where can we find you? 

When I am not working you can find me in the woods. It could be fishing, hunting, camping, or just driving through the pines.

What is one hobby or skill you are most proud of? 

The hobby I am most proud of would be my archery shooting ability. I have drawn two archery elk tags and an archery antelope tag. I was able to fill all three tags with a bow and arrow.