Civiltec’s Gretel Ochoa-Nhac, a Project Engineer based in Monrovia, CA, is officially Water Audit Validator certified!

Water Audit Validators examine water loss audit inputs to consider the water audit’s accuracy and document any sources of uncertainty. The Water Audit Validator course is a 2-day program designed to qualify individuals to perform Level 1 water audit validations in California. Per Senate Bill 555, urban retail water suppliers must submit validated distribution system water audits by October 1 each year. Those who successfully complete this course and exam will receive a Water Audit Validator certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

“I have a couple of clients who are already excited for our future work,” says Gretel Ochoa-Nhac. “The advantage to being certified is that we can now complete all work related to water audits in-house instead of outsourcing to a third party. There is no conflict of interest if another Civiltec employee provides an audit for a water representative.”

Water auditors do not need to be certified, whereas validators do in order to check the auditors work. Ensuring that water districts provide accurate reports will enable the water district to be eligible for more grants. While providing inaccurate data is not a penalizable offense, the State keeps track of this data. The results of this exam are essential in keeping track of drought conditions, how successfully a water district maintains systems, and water conservation efforts.

Civiltec Engineering is proud to lead by example with the professional ambition of our employees, who continue to gain essential certifications to the benefit of our clients. Our world class engineers define the success of Civiltec.