Civiltec’s 2023 Summer Internship Program

Another year of our summer internship program has come and gone. We mark this year as another success for learning and growing future leaders in our industry! Last year, marked the first end of internship presentations and we continue this tradition this year as well. All our interns are given a time frame to present to the entire company something they learned this year. Our interns, Alex Trujillo (Fullerton Office) and Zoie Nuñez (Upland Office) finished off with great presentations. Here is a bit more about their experiences with Civiltec.

Alex Trujillo, our Fullerton engineering intern, is a Junior at California State University in Fullerton studying for a Bachelor in Science of Civil Engineering. During his internship, he got to spend time attending site visits and seeing the real-world elements of projects. This was his favorite part of the internship overall. “I enjoyed going outside and being able to visually see the outcome of our work or the area where work needs to be done.” Alex continues, “The site visits helped me better visualize the projects I was working on. They helped me understand the construction plans more and read it more easily.” We hope this knowledge will help further his studies and assist in driving his career forward. His most memorable moment was his first site visit where he attended a pre-bid meeting and visited an active construction site. At the pre-bid meeting, the plans he worked on and saw daily became reality. “I got to see pipes that were much larger than I had envisioned. The construction site I visited was insightful because I got to see the process of how a project is built. This was my first time going to the Monrovia office and it was nice to meet new people.” Look out the world for this intern as his future goals are to graduate to gain his EIT license and continue his studies to one day become a licensed professional civil engineer in the state of California. Special shout-outs go to Alec Escamilla, PE, David Nyegun, Ariel Lopez, EIT, and Dan Busque for their mentorship and assistance during his program.

Zoie Nuñez was the first intern in our new Upland office! Zoie is a Junior studying Civil Engineering at California State University, Fullerton. This 2023 summer engineering intern decided to stay on part-time with our team. Her favorite part of the internship was the workplace environment and the people she got the opportunity to work with. Future goals other than of course graduating include passing the FE and EIT exam. At the end of program presentations, we ask our interns to put together a PowerPoint about their experience or something they learned and speak to it with the whole company. Zoie specifically shouted out having great role models in the office and how working with them helped her figure out disciplines that interest her. While it’s still the early days of her career she did have this to say, “water is such an essential part of what makes this world work.” A big thanks to Gretel Ochoa-Nhac, PE, Atenas Reynaga, EIT, and Jose Martinez for guiding her and giving her opportunities for on-the-job experience.

We are so thrilled to help these young industry professionals on their young developing professional journeys. We cannot wait to see what these two do next! Interested in becoming a Civiltecian yourself? Look out for next year’s internship openings and/or check out our open postings on here website here.