Amal SedrakAmal Sedrak, P.E., PMP, LEED AP


Where did you attend college and what did you study?
I have been a student of civil engineering for many years. I earned my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Cairo University and my Masters in Civil Engineering from John Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering.

What drew you to working for Civiltec?
Civiltec has an excellent reputation in the industry, both among its clients and peers. Civiltec seems to be constantly focused on strengthening its portfolio, and I am proud to work for such a reputable company. There is also a great company culture here: my coworkers and the management at Civiltec have really welcomed me, and I am enjoying getting to know everyone better.

What are some of your favorite types of projects to work on?
I especially enjoy working on water/wastewater infrastructure planning projects–they are so necessary in in California. And I always appreciate design-heavy projects where you can see something come to life from a two-dimensional drawing to a real-world structure.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I like cooking and reading–I find both of them relaxing. It’s always fun to cook for others and see them enjoying something you’ve made with your own two hands. I use reading to make myself a better person, so I try to read various blogs on the internet about health and wellness. My favorite author is my cousin, Sherif Meleka–an Egyptian author.

Is there a particular hobby, interest or skill you have that other employees might not know about?
I enjoy interior decorating as a personal hobby for my home, and I have helped my daughters choose furniture for their college apartments. I don’t watch TV very often, but I do watch interior decorating and home renovation shows on HGTV once in a while. I am inspired just by shopping at furniture stores and seeing what is currently trending. I really love Living Spaces furniture right now.