Staff Spotlight: Aileen Vogelvang

Project Coordinator 

A little over three months ago Aileen came and joined our Civiltec family! Learn about her daily tasks and experience with Civiltec 

What does your role as project coordinator entail? 

As project coordinator, I track networking opportunities, requests for proposals (RFPs), contacts, projects, and work schedules for project managers. I also set up proposal drafts, prepare technical specifications for bids, and prepare drafts for marketing articles. Occasionally I have the opportunity to video record construction activities on job sites and plan office outings.

What have been some of your favorite tasks so far? 

I like the variety of my job more than any particular task. There is the technical side of pulling information from multiple applications when I set up proposals and jobs. I’ve learned advanced Word skills in preparing technical specifications for project managers. I hone my writing skills on article drafts and marketing resumes. I also appreciate being able to visit Civiltec job sites and seeing how my work in the office contributes to what Civiltec does in communities.

On some of the site visits you’ve been on since joining, you are keen to take videos of the projects. What are some things you find visually interesting about the projects and where does that love of video come from?

We go about our daily lives taking the water we use, the buildings we work in, etc. for granted — not realizing how it all came to be. So I think of myself as a documentary filmmaker, documenting the process of how one thing leads to another, the construction activities we don’t see every day (like pipe welding and pipe bursts), and what Civiltec engineers do on a project site. Also, my husband, who is a machinist by day and a filmmaker on the side, is fascinated by construction; so I guess I am actually videotaping with his eye.

You’re quite the writer, where did you learn technical writing and what do you enjoy about it? 

My junior year high school English teacher taught me to write. She was so tough, a fragment or a run-on sentence was an automatic “F” on the assignment! Although I was good at it, I never liked writing because it took too long to do. Then I got a job as a documentation specialist writing procedures for a manufacturing company in the military industry. Now it’s ironic that I write for a living today. The best part of writing for me is when it’s finished! It takes so long to write, but the accomplishment makes me feel proud.

How do you feel about the Civiltec Culture?

I like that the people are friendly here and that my boss is really supportive. That means a lot to me. I like that the company occasionally gets together to play games on national days, even if it’s on Teams. I had no idea there was a Superhero Day or Ice Cream Day until I worked at Civiltec. Office outings are fun too. There is a driving range next to the Fullerton office and we all try to go at least one Friday per month. It builds camaraderie, and I learned to golf for the first time ever! Having every other Friday off is a big plus too.

Other than work where can we find Aileen on a day off? 

Honestly, you’d find me napping! When I’m not napping, I’m running errands or playing with my dogs or with my family. We bike ride, swim, watch movies, or just act silly together at home. I also do my nails. I’ve discovered how fun nail stickers can be.

Do you have any new hobbies? Can you explain them in detail? 

I post a lot of home videos and photos. I had started during the pandemic to show that life goes on no matter what, and it made me feel better when things were not going so well. Now I just keep doing it. I also used to figure skate recreationally and take roller skating lessons, both of which I am hoping to get back into. Meanwhile, I am working out to be prepared. I’m actually trying to learn to do a handstand. But even if I never get one, at least I’m getting in shape. I also just recently returned to singing in my local community choir. I sing second soprano. We already have concerts planned for September, October, December, and March. It feels great to get out again!