Zone 5 Booster Pump Station


City of La Verne

Civiltec Team
W. David Byrum (Principal)
Terry Kerger (Project Manager)
Charlie Devine (Staff Engineer)
Calpower (Electrical Engineer)

General Statistics
Existing site Area: (15,000 SF)
Booster Pump Station: 3-vertical turbine 750gpm pumps and 75Hp motors


  • Size the pump station to be the primary source of water to the Zone – delivery of domestic supply
  • Fit the pump station into a park environment
  • Building, Electrical, and Fire Department permitting
  • Design and build in a short time frame


  • Design new building to fit the community architecture and park setting.
  • Prepurchased pumps and motors.


  • Proposal submitted: January 2007
  • Construction began: June 2007
  • Project completed: November 2007


  • Design Engineering Costs $ 45,000.00
  • Construction Management Costs $ 55,000.00
  • Construction Costs $ 550,000.00