Alhambra Hilltop Pump Station Improvement Project


City of Alhambra

Civiltec Team
Terry L. Kerger (Principal Engineer)
Dan Busque (Senior Designer)
Charlie Devine (Staff Engineer)
Civiltec Inspection Staff
Chae Lee (Electrical Engineer)

General Statistics

  • Existing site Area: 1.2acres (49,000 SF)
  • Existing Reservoir: 1.14mg Steel Tank (90’dia. x 24’high)
  • Pump Station: Three new pumps, MCC, piping, building and portable generator w/ building.


  • Assess the City’s current and future ability to provide the most cost effective and reliable delivery of domestic water service
  • Address new pressure zone limits in the Alhambra area
  • Maintain existing drainage system and install concrete retaining walls at the Garvey Reservoir No. 7 site along with new pump station system
  • Geotechnical report for site grading


  • Install new concrete retaining wall with drainage swales and subdrain system at base of wall
  • Install new piping between reservoir and new pump station and connect to distribution system

Client Highlights

  • Staging and placement of concrete access road to existing Reservoir
  • Construction of new steel piping to existing reservoir from new pump station.
  • Better system operations and flexibility