Santa Clarita Water
3.75MG Mesa Tank

SCWD tank

Civiltec has served as contract Principal Engineer for the Santa Clarita Water Division (SCWD) of Castaic Lake Water Agency since 2007. One of our early assignments for SCWD was the 2008 Water Master Plan. From this project effort, several key CIPs were identified, one being a 3.75 million gallon storage deficiency in the critical Catala Pressure Zone.

SCWD and Civiltec embarked on a tank siting study that identified four possible locations for the new storage tank. The top ranking location was property owned by Castaic Lake Water Agency. Once this site was solidified through Board action by CLWA, Civiltec commenced the planning and design process, including:

  1. Preliminary Design Report that provided options to connect the tank to the pressure zone transmission system. The options weighed for maximum benefit included a pump station required to overcome system friction loss issues and a 7,000 LF 24-inch transmission pipeline. The pipeline was chosen for design.
  2. Preliminary design drawings and specifications. A site specific geotechnical investigation was accomplished in this phase as well as the final aerial survey.
  3. CEQA process (MND) which was accomplished through collaboration by Civiltec and SCWD staff and finalized.
  4. Permit amendment through CDPH. In this process, tank sloshing due to seismic waves was analyzed. Civiltec issue a waiver request to CDPH to keep freeboard at 2-feet and proved the tank could be strengthened to meet both AWWA D-100 and CalARP standards. CDPH has approved the waiver. CDPH also approved a waiver request to eliminate separate inlet/outlets and add an approved reservoir management system (mixer).
  5. Approval to cross the LADWP First Aqueduct with a temporary bridge.
  6. Final design drawings, engineer’s estimates and bidding documents.
  7. Bidding and award phase. The low bidder was 6.5% lower than the engineer’s estimate.
  8. Construction support with RFIs, coordination of outside inspection services, critical meetings, shop drawing submittals, final inspection and as-built drawings.

The tank project and the associated 24-inch transmission pipeline are now complete and operational.