Reservoir No.9
Replacement Project

La Habra 1

La Habra Heights County Water District

Civiltec Team
W. D. Byrum, PE (Principal Engineer)
Terry L. Kerger (Project Manager)
Charlie Devine (Staff Engineer)
Martin Oanes (Senior Designer)
Randy Hurst (Inspector)

General Statistics
Existing site Area: 1.15 acres
Existing Reservoir: Circular Welded Steel Tank 55’dia. X 24’high (0.63mg)


  • Implement Master Planning project within estimated budget
  • Address the 1.2 million gallon deficiency due to build-up in the community to meet the goals of the 2005 Water Master Plan
  • Acquisition of additional land for new reservoir foot print, maintain existing drainage system and install concrete retaining wall
  • CEQA compliance and development of impact mitigation measures
  • Geotechnical investigation for site grading
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Maintain water supply and service during construction and protecting the surrounding native habitat
  • Install new landscaping and irrigation system to match surrounding native habitat


  • Install new concrete retaining wall with drainage swales and sub drain system at base of new wall
  • Install a 2.0mg Circular Welded Steel tank (125’dia. x 24’high) to increase storage capacity for the Upper Pressure Zone

Client Highlights

  • Staging and placement of access road was specified
  • Construction of circular retaining wall which matches the surrounding bed rock

Project Highlights

  • TideFlex technology was recommended to reduce stagnation and stratification in storage tank.