NASA/JPL Treatment Plant Booster Pump Station


City of Pasadena

Civiltec Team
Christopher Shem Hawes (Principal Manager)
Charlie Devine (Staff Engineer)
Calpower (Electrical Engineer)

General Statistics

  • Existing site Area: (504 SF)
  • Booster Pump Station: 2-vertical turbine 2850gpm pumps and 250Hp motors


  • Assess the City’s current and future ability to provide the most cost effective and reliable delivery of domestic and fire water services
  • Research and provide earthwork soils report for all work sites
  • Building, Electrical, Construction and Fire Department permitting
  • Maintain water supply and service during construction and protecting the surrounding concrete reservoir, electrical enclosures, valves and piping


  • Design new concrete slab and walls with new concrete floor to support pumps and motors
  • Design the new pumps and motors with metal frame building to house pumps, motors and Motor Control Center enclosures.

Client Highlights

  • Staging and placement of varies facilities as specified on the plans.
  • Construction of metal frame building, installation of piping, pumps, motors and electrical enclosures


  • Proposal submitted: January 2009
  • Construction began: January 2010
  • Project completed: May 2010