Fort Valley Drainage Study

Fort Valley Drainage Study

Coconino County, Arizona

Project Description

The purpose of this project was twofold; to accurately map the limits of inundation during specified storm events using FLO-2D and to compare the results to previous hydrologic modeling efforts in this area. This required hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the watershed impacting the area. Hydrologic analysis was performed using FLO-2D and HEC-1 and a comprehensive analysis of the differences in peak flow rates was explored. Inundation and hazard maps were prepared and are used for development planning purposes in this area. Along with a comprehensive drainage report, drainage improvement recommendations were provided, which included upgrades to culverts and low water crossings.

Civiltec Team 

  • Chris Dusza (Project Manager)
  • Andrew Shroads (Project Engineer)
  • Richard Shroads (QA/QC)

General Statistics

  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling using FLO-2D
  • Hydrologic Modeling using HEC-1
  • 26 square mile drainage area
  • Multiple storm recurrence intervals modeled
  • Drainage improvement recommendations


  • Large drainage area with high density LIDAR data in the developed area and low density DEM in the forested area
  • Client requested very high resolution modeling within the developed area


  • Major features (streams, roads, culverts, etc.) programmed directly into the model and small grid cells were selected 


  • Proposal submitted: June 2011
  • Project completed: January 2012