1.62 MG Concrete Reservoir at Plant No. 3


California Domestic Water Company

Civiltec Team
W. David Byrum, PE (Principal Engineer)
Terry L. Kerger, PE (Project Manager)
Charlie Devine (Staff Engineer)
Martin Oanes (Senior Designer)
Sara Canche (Permits)
Jim Smitherman (Inspector)

General Statistics
Existing site area: 3.16acres
Existing Reservoir: 3.0mg partially buried Concrete Tank, Pump Station, and Office Building


  • Assess the CDWC capability to meet existing and projected future demands
  • Address the City of Whittier Conditional Use Permit requirements, including Building and safety and fire department permits
  • CEQA compliance and development of impact mitigation measures
  • Geotechnical investigation for site grading
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Maintain existing pump station, reservoir and water supply and service during construction and protecting the surrounding areas
  • Add new pump station, warehouse and parking spaces to top of new reservoir


  • Arrange site facilities to fit community expectations. Public outreach effort.
  • Construct a 1.62mg partially buried concrete tank (153’ x 83’ x 24’ high) along west property line

Project Highlights

  • Staging, traffic control and placement of access lane were specified for earth removal from the site to land fill – CEQA mitigation measure
  • Construction of concrete reservoir with concrete block pump station, ware house building and parking area on reservoir