Phoenix-20130925-00050The Deck Park Tunnel in Central Phoenix facilitates the passage of more than 240,000 cars every day. As those cars enter the tunnel, they pass beneath the Margaret T. Hance Park, home to the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Irish Cultural Center, a playground, ramada, dog park and other recreation areas covering roughly four acres of space.

Shortly before the tunnels 20th birthday, it was noted that water was leaking down from the park into the tunnel service areas. As time went by, the degree of leaking throughout the tunnel increased. The current concern is that water infiltrating into the tunnel systems may cause ventilation or electrical systems to fail and force closure of the tunnel to traffic.

Phoenix-20130925-00028Civiltec Engineering is coordinating with the Japanese Friendship Garden, Arizona Department of Transportation, and City of Phoenix on the best way to repair the Deck Park Tunnel drainage problems with the least amount of disturbance to the garden above.

“There will be some areas that will be disturbed by digging and repairing the deck,” said Andrew Shroads or Civiltec, “but our intent is to repair and return the gardens to the original state as much as possible.”

It will not be an easy task, but ensuring that the city’s transportation infrastructure can coexist with its recreational facilities is a challenge worth taking on.