La Puente Valley Water DistrictAs the drought in California marches on, water districts across the state are faced with a two-fold challenge: keep the water flowing today while ensuring a steady supply for the future.

The La Puente Valley County Water District understands the importance of planning carefully in the face of this challenge and has asked Civiltec to draft a Water Master Plan, an all-encompassing document that will act as a roadmap for the District over the coming years.

To compile this extensive report, the engineers and modeling experts at Civiltec are reviewing historical demand, anticipated growth, status of current water sources, and possibilities for expansion of supply. With a complete understanding of the system, the Civiltec team will then outline the various capital improvements that will be needed in the future, along with a breakdown of anticipated costs.

With the Water Master Plan in hand, La Puente Valley County Water District General Manager Greg Galindo will be able to anticipate and plan for needed capital investments. The The Master Plan is an essential ingredient in substantiating the cost of service to customers for system maintenance and improvements, and is also a valuable tool for transparency. It will help to inform the Water District’s approximately 8,000 customers, gain their support for needed improvements, and show that the District is planning carefully for a sustainable future.

With the approval of the La Puente Valley County Water District Board of Directors, Civiltec began work on the Water Master Plan in May 2015 and is currently hard at work and plans to present the final report to the Board in November 2015.