La Habra Heights County Water District
Civiltec designed and provided full construction management and observation services for the rehabilitation of Wells No. 10 and 11 for the La Habra Heights County Water District. As put forth in the 2015 Water Master Plan, the wells were rehabilitated due to declining water levels in the groundwater basin as well as loss of transmissivity and production rates.

La Habra Heights County Water District wellFor this project, Civiltec provided engineering design for the evaluation of the pump tests over the last 10 years. Civiltec further provided an evaluation of basin water levels and well transmissivity rates, evaluation of water quality trends, evaluation of pump test results and selection of new equipment, development of a rehabilitation process including video inspections, chemical treatment methods, pump testing post treatment, selection of new pumping equipment, transition to a water lubricated pump, and start-up and testing.

The project goal was centered on the rehabilitation of two wells that could not be out of service at the same time. Construction required careful sequencing given that the wells could not be simultaneously inoperable. Rehabilitation Well No. 11 took place while keeping Well No. 10 active, and then a reverse plan for Well No. 10’s rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of each well included monitoring of the other well for any impacts to water quality and performance.

The project was purposely scheduled to be completed ahead of maximum summer demands and the timeline was met. Construction on both wells is now complete and the wells are operational. Well production was increased from about 1,200 GPM (gallons per minute) to 2,500 GPM and, as a result, the pumping efficiency has increased significantly.