Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Association, in conjunction with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has engaged Civiltec Engineering for professional engineering services to design a recycled water reservoir and associated welded steel distribution piping system.

Civiltec’s work with Forest Lawn dates back to 2013 and included the design of a reclaimed water pump station to utilize reclaimed water for irrigation activities. Fast forward to 2020 and Civiltec is designing a new 3 MG welded steel recycled water reservoir at the Hollywood Hills Mortuary to supply reclaimed water for irrigation activities. The scope of the project includes environmental clearance, preliminary designs, submitting the final design plans and permitting. The project site within the Griffith Park and Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills consists of drainage and other natural areas, roadway, hillside and equestrian trails. The site also includes the public right-of-way for Forest Lawn Drive and Zoo Drive.

Civiltec President David Bryum is the Principle Engineer on the project and is joined by Project Manager Shem Hawes, Design Managers David Song, Greg Ripperger and Richard Aldridge and Design Lead Dan Busqué.