City of MonroviaCiviltec was recently mentioned in Monrovia’s City Manager Update, thanks to our involvement in their Station Square Project. See below for the excerpt. Click here to read the full Monrovia City Manager’s Update from August 11, 2015.


During the past several weeks, the City’s Station Square project has been progressing, with several new and highly visible components of the project currently being installed. The new “Monrovia” sign by the 210 Freeway, the bandshell and new landscaping are all combining to help revitalize the Station Square area.

As the work has continued, staff has been highly engaged in monitoring and managing the work being performed. In addition to coordinating the work of the contractors involved in the project, staff has also implemented a variety of different processes to ensure that the City’s current design/construction management firm, IBI Group, stays within budgeted amounts. Those efforts have resulted in IBI Group scaling back some of the work being performed by their subcontractors during this past month, and simultaneously, the City recently executed a new agreement directly with Civiltec Engineering, Inc., to continue with construction management efforts related to the Station Square project.

This active management and monitoring has created an overall situation whereby we tentatively expect the Station Square Project to be completed within the next 8-12 weeks, and with the overall initiative to be completed under-budget. For the City to be in this current positive position has been a result in no small part of the work that our Public Services Department and our contract City Engineer have engaged in during the past several months.