Civiltec’s Prescott, Arizona team has been engaged by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to provide a sewer system analysis including inventory, survey, and inspection of all campus manholes, main lines and laterals.

The 539-acre Prescott campus of the Embry-Riddle University opened in 1978. The University now offers over sixty degree programs in their highly specialized labs – from aerospace engineering to air traffic management. To keep their facilities running smoothly, the administration regularly reviews the function of all infrastructure.

As part of Civiltec’s work, all sewer systems on the campus will be analyzed with CCTV. Underground service lines will be located and an accurate Campus Sewer System Map will be created as part of the larger Capital Improvement Plan. Once a plan is established, replacement work will begin on old vitrified clay and pvc pipes, as well as manhole linings. To assist with the long-term planning, Civiltec’s engineers will develop Capital Improvement Priority Matrices.

“Embry-Riddle has a proud tradition of supporting bright new minds in engineering,” said Richard Shroads, President of Civiltec. “Working with the university affords us the rare opportunity to support future generations while doing what we do best. We look forward to our work in this community.”